My images whisper secrets as you view them. I'm Gene Sellers, and I would like to share with you the beginnings of stories. You see, I believe the viewer will fill in the rest, and that's what gets me excited when I construct an image.


Stories have a beginning, a middle, and an ending. My scripts start with an opening, usually one provided by nature. I spend days waiting to get the lighting just right as I find the location and the angle to capture the grandness of the scene.


I work hard to get the extreme details just right. So your eye will be continuously occupied, as if you were where I was at that exact moment. That's when it starts to become your story. As your mind relaxes, you'll notice new details and wonder what it would be like to put yourself in the story.


The mystery starts to unfold. You may wonder what would it be like to be in a boat on the water, or how long would it take to climb a mountain? Or some equally exciting question. Even I don't know the endings of my stories, as you would tell them.


That's why I want to hear from you. I want to know what you see and experience when you gaze at one of my images. What are your eye magnets? The details you're attracted to? The journey you went on? I will post some of these stories. To give others an insight as to the endings they can create, or maybe they'll try on your finish for size.


The world is grand. That is why my images must be so big; without the size, some of the details would be lost.  My camera has 12 times the number of pixels as the best smartphone, and has precision lenses that are ridiculously expensive.


My images allow you to write new adventures because of the mysteries I constructed for you. I'm Gene Sellers, and I can't wait to hear your endings.

Somewhere in the wilds of Texas | gene@genesellers.com | 1-800-335-0365

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